The R Language

Note: this is a the first release of a new relatively major piece of software it isn't written by a large team - just by me - I'm committed to fixing bugs - but you have to let me know about them and help me reproduce them - thanks - Paul.


R is a computer language intended for programming microcontrollers its design is aimed at the computers currently being used in high power rockets. The main design goal of this language is to create a language that non-programmers can use for programming simple flight envelopes. Two subsidiary goals are that it be portable to a wide range of microcontrollers (in particular other people's flight computers, not just my own) and that it be able to be used in a more sophisticated manner by experienced programmers.


The following documents are available

Getting the software

V1.0 Binaries for PCs and Macs, and sources for PCs, Macs, Uniz and Linux boxes are available here